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Home health care at home – Obesity rates are rising and are at epidemic proportions in the U.S. Moreover, obesity puts you at risk for a host of very serious diseases. Concurrent with this epidemic, the U.S. population is experiencing an explosion in the rate of type 2 diabetes as well as significant cases of heart disease – both highly correlated with being overweight. This epidemic is crossing all age and ethnic barriers.

Unfortunately, with the rise in obesity among the younger demographics, children and teens are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes which has typically been an older person’s disease. The sedentary lifestyle of so many due to our technology focused society also exacerbates the problem of obesity.

For the elderly, obesity is a significant risk factor for heart disease, diabetes and cancer, all common elderly diseases. These chronic conditions are key determinants in overall health. In turn, obesity greatly impacts the elderly’s ability to live healthfully, independently and their overall quality of life.

Risks for obesity include:

  • Genetics
  • Environment and foods available
  • Psychological issues and associated antidepressants
  • Lifestyle factors like quitting to smoke
  • Medications like steroids and birth control pills

Because of the strain it puts on your body, inside and out, obesity puts you at a greater risk for the following serious, sometimes life-threatening, complications:

  • type 2 diabetes
  • heart disease
  • high blood pressure
  • certain cancers (breast, colon and endometrial)
  • stroke
  • gallbladder disease
  • fatty liver disease
  • high cholesterol
  • sleep apnea and other breathing problems
  • arthritis
  • infertility

The CDC has identified that factors relating to age, sex and ethnicity all play into the body’s composition of fat, muscle and bone mass and their proportions to each other.

Cause of Obesity – Home health care at home

Obviously, the most direct cause of obesity is calorie intake and the amount on a daily basis. Too many calories not burn equals the weight gain. As such, the following are key determinants of obesity:

  • poor diet of foods high in calories
  • a sedentary lifestyle
  • lack of sleep which can lead to hormonal changes and increase hunger and cravings
  • genetics that affect how your body processes food into energy and how fat is stored
  • growing older means less muscle mass and a slower metabolic rate adding up to weight gain
  • pregnancy since weight gained during pregnancy can be difficult to lose

Weight loss through surgery is a last resort as it comes with serious risks. After surgery, aside from the recovery, patients need to will need to make sustainable changes to their diet and exercise regimen or they risk getting sick. Obesity is calculated by computing a body mass index (BMI) that is 30 or greater. Candidates for weight loss surgery have a BMI of 40 or more, or BMI of 35- 39.9 couple with serious obesity-related health problems.

Surgical options include:

  • gastric bypass surgery
  • laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB)
  • gastric sleeve
  • biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch

The recovery can be painful and your movement may be restricted for a time. As such, you might be in need of short-term home care until you are on your feet again.

In-Home Caregivers for Obese Individuals – Home health care at home

More and more obese patients are opting for care in the comfortable surroundings of their home. This is especially the case for the elderly who are often too frail to be moved successfully. Therefore Royal CareGivers in-home care providers are able to focus specifically on providing the relief to obese patients. In addition home health care at home. A special team of doctors, nurses and other specialists monitor them. Because they understand how to treat the specific symptoms of obese patients and improve the quality of life.

When home healthcare becomes necessary, Royal CareGivers provides home health aide services for the elderly and infirm in their home. In addition a nurse is always available and would be happy to discuss your case with you.

When you face the challenge of finding the best in-home care provider to help care for the emotional and physical well-being of someone you love, maybe your mom or dad, you will want to be confident that you are making the right choice.

At Royal CareGivers, extraordinary service is what sets us apart from other companies who provide in home health care services. Whatever your care needs, we are there for you. Therefore we are always striving to exceed your expectations.

No matter what level of service you need, we’re available 24/7