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After 4 unsuccessful attempts or even more for seniors care services, you have finally convinced your loved one that they need home help aid.

Reaching a decision that your loved one needs help and the various care options available can be both refreshing and confusing.

Refreshing because, the “burden” of caregiving will be slashed plus more time to engage in other resourceful activities.

Confusing because there are a melange of options to choose from. And the dilemma that comes with whether you need home health service or in-home care service for your loved one adds to the pressure.

Here is a simple guide to help you better understand these two home care options to enable you make informed decisions.

With a firm grip on both available options, a careful match with your specific needs will determine which one to opt for.

Home health care services

As the name goes, a home health care service has to do with the overall health of your loved one at home. This service is for seniors who are battling health issues and require regular help with health needs. Home health service providers offer services ranging from therapy, inhome nursing, medication assistance. Including diabetes management, dressing wounds, medical assistance and in some cases hospital visits. They can also assist with insulin administration, Alzheimer’s, dementia related illnesses among others.

In-home seniors care services

This option primarily has to do with seniors who need help for daily activities. Activities include bathing, eating, meal preparation, laundry, companionship among others. This service is Ideal for seniors who may be recuperating and have issues with movements. However, an In-home care service provider may not be able to administer drugs.

The cost for both services vary and in-home care service cost is often paid by the client. The cost for home health care service on the other hand may be covered by an insurance policy.

At this point you might be asking, “What if my loved one’s condition requires both services?”

Meaning, your loved one’s condition require two home helps. One to assist with daily activities and another to take care of health needs.

Well, a decision at this point solely depends on the individual and their fiscal strength. If payment isn’t going to be much of a problem and the two services are crucial. Then you can go for both.

However, if funding comes across as an unsurmountable hurdle. You can weigh both needs and decide on which one is more pressing and go with.