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Home nursing agencies near me How to ensure elders' well-being when staying away from themYou would have planned to provide your elders with the same amount of care and love as they had bestowed upon you. But, due to your career choices, you might have to stay away from home. In addition you can feel that there isn’t much you can do while being far away. However, you should not let the distance come in the way of proper care. There are a plethora of ways in which you can ensure the elders’ well-being while staying away from them. We have curated the list below.

  1. Check up on them regularly

Keep a tab on the elderly’s health by staying in touch with them. You can call them daily and inquire if they are doing fine and taking all the medicines. As well as can set reminders on their phones so they can have the medicines as per the schedule.

You can even choose our “Health Package” that includes a monthly doctor visit, medicine reordering, pillbox management, and checking of vitals regularly. Along with the doctor’s visit, a nurse or a Care Manager will pay 4 visits per month to keep a tab on the elderly’s BP/Sugar charting and monitor health status.

  1. Avail hospital and ambulance assistance – Home nursing agencies near me

It would not be advisable to let the elderly visit the doctor alone as they might fall or may not be able to understand the prescription. You can get someone to assist the older adult during a visit to the doctor. You can also be prepared with a list of ambulance services in case of an emergency and keep it handy. If you aren’t able to locate any trusted ambulance and assistance services, we have your back. Royal Care Givers facilitates ambulance services for planned and emergency needs and ensures the timely arrival of the ambulance, which is supplied with BLS and ALS equipment. We also provide assistant services and accompany the elderly to the hospital for doctor’s consultations, reviewing the medical history and understanding the prescriptions and recommended line of recovery and follow up visits. Our experts will take good care of the older adult while you are away.

  1. Ensure a safe home for the elderly – Home nursing agencies near me

Ensure your elderly’s well being by eliminating any chances of them falling or getting hurt. Opt for home care services for the elderly to perform safety audits from time to time. At Royal Care Givers Care, we provide safety audit services, where our highly skilled staff carries out the safety audits for homes to ensure fall prevention and take care of other safety violations which may pose a threat to the living conditions of the elderly.

  1. Get someone to assist the elderly in the day-to-day activities – Home nursing agencies near me

While you are away, make certain that the elderly are well taken care of and perform everyday tasks with ease. If they are unable to, employ assistance services where the elders can get help to carry out daily activities with ease. We too offer and assist elders to prevent falls while walking, bathing, and performing daily tasks. Our caregivers also help with medication administration, nebulization, steaming, light physical exercises, and basic recovery physio exercises recommended by the doctors.

  1. Opt for home nursing services – Home nursing agencies near me

If the elderly is not keeping well and you are unable to pay a visit, choose home nursing services where the older adult will be monitored 24×7 by the experts. Unable to locate good home nursing services nearby? We have got you covered. Our skillful staff will ensure proper care of the older adult under a doctor’s supervision.

  1. Discourage tasks that require them to step out alone

At this age, stepping out alone can be risky but some trips are unavoidable. After retirement, there are a lot of financial things that need to be taken care of and it becomes necessary for the elderly to visit the bank from time to time. However, they might not be able to stand in long queues because of joint pain and there can be other mishaps as well. It’s best if someone accompanies them. We offer bank visits for elders in New Jersey and assist the elders with banking services like cash deposit, cash withdrawal, passbook updates, online banking setup, life certifications, renewal of fixed deposits and other banking queries. Our care managers make it a hassle-free experience for the elderly.

  1. Ensure the elderly indulge in physical activities

Exercise is imperative for elders to stay healthy and active. You can opt for our “wellness package” that has design to ensure the holistic wellbeing of your parents. The package encompasses activities like yoga, relaxation exercises, diet monitoring. In addition, motivational counseling by our Psychologists, specialized in elderly care. This will ensure that the elderly stay healthy and happy.

Royal Care Givers  has been ensuring proper care of the elderly since 2013. In addition that has become possible by our highly qualified professionals who are compassionate towards the elder members. Our team of experts takes it upon themselves to look after the older adults. Overall well being while you are away from them.