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Nursing Home New Jersey

We are providing nursing home new jersey service because It’s not uncommon for the aged to experience hearing and vision loss. Sadly, these changes can cause both physical and emotional hardships. They may feel a loss of independence, an inability to do the things they love. And a disconnect from the world around them. Beyond these discomforts, with the loss of vision and hearing, they may experience cognitive decline.

Studies on the relationship between vision loss and cognitive decline find that loss of vision has relation with poor cognitive function. Furthermore, untreated poor vision has relation with cognitive decline. And scientists say that cognitive function can improve if vision problems are treated. Regular visits with your ophthalmologist can lead to improvement and help prevent deterioration.

Studies show that hearing loss has relation with accelerated cognitive decline. In fact, adults with hearing loss will experience cognitive decline 30-40% faster than those with normal hearing. Unfortunately, almost two-thirds of adults over the age of 70 have hearing loss, yet they remain significantly undertreated. With hearing aids being affordable and accessible, hearing again is possible with treatment.

There are a few reasons this may happen:
  • Hearing-impaired people tend to become isolated and lack stimulation.
  • Hearing loss causes brain atrophy that affects memory and thinking.
  • The brain has to work harder to understand muffled or distorted speech.

Cognitive decline is a problem for elderly people, but now that we know the causes, we can help prevent deterioration. With this information, our elderly loved ones can live fuller lives and tackle future health problems.

Cognitive decline among the aged does not need to be a continuing trend. With the help of trained healthcare professionals your loved ones can learn more about their wellbeing and fight the problems that come with age. Knowledge and proper care are the keys to living a better life.

Nursing Home New Jersey for Elders with Vision and Hearing Loss

More and more elderly patients are opting for ending their lives in the comfortable surroundings of their home since the elderly are often too frail to be moved successfully. Royal CareGivers’ in-home care providers are able to focus specifically on providing relief involved with vision and hearing loss. They are monitored by a specially-trained team of doctors, nurses and other specialists who understand how to treat these specific symptoms and improve the quality of the remaining years of life.

When home healthcare becomes necessary, Royal CareGivers provides skilled home health aide services for the elderly in their homes. A nurse is always available and would be happy to discuss your case with you.

When you face with the challenge of finding the best in home care provider to help care for the emotional and physical well-being of someone you love, maybe your mom or dad, you will want to be confident that you are making the right choice.

No matter what level of service you need, we’re available 24/7.